Willy Nilly + Futura Free + 4DAYWKND

The Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street, Ottawa

Willy Nilly is a folk/indie rock band from Kingston, Ontario that kicked off in late 2019. The band's writing is lyrically dense, floating vulnerable but relatable thought scrambles over upbeat instrumentals, often led by acoustic guitar. Willy Nilly showcases a number of wide ranging influences in their songwriting, resulting in a familiar sound that is hard to pinpoint. In 2021, the band released their debut EP 'Confused And Rejuvenated' and debut LP 'Dogs in Heaven'. Both projects center loosely around a theme of trying to plant your feet in a world that seems to be trying to outrun you. The band has several more complete projects written and ready for recording that they hope to present in the next two years.

4DAYWKND is Ottawa’s newest Pop-Rock band with influences from several different genres. This 3-piece band formed in late 2019 and has since released two singles, played numerous shows in the Ottawa area, and is set to release their first album this summer! Behind the sound 4DAYWKND brings to the stage is singer/songwriter and guitarist Gabe Merino, bassist Simon Ludington, and Drummer Jason Perrins.

Having just moved to a completely new city without much of a plan, Futura Free was started by Peter Luft in a makeshift studio space in his girlfriend's basement. It didn't take long for him to start collaborating with Kevin Feeley (guitar), and they soon drafted Bobby Benevides (drums) and Gabriel Reeves (bass), completing the shift from a basement recording project into something much more exciting. In 2021 they released their sophomore LP, 'Reducer', an experimental indie rock record that fuses elements of noise, electronic, and post-rock together

Tickets 12 in adv Door $15