The Maximum Chill (Montreal) + Finely Tuned Elephant

The Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street, Ottawa

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The Maximum Chill is an eclectic "freak rock" band from Montreal, QC. Playing everything from rock to jazz to modern classical and everything in between, they draw from the last century of modern music, shove it all into a blender, and toss it out on stage for your enjoyment. The driving force behind The Maximum Chill is self-taught music composer and guitarist, Brandon Vasko, who writes and composes the music for the group. He can also be seen conducting the band in "instant compositions" and leading the group in extended free improvisations that are inserted throughout the band's songs. The Maximum Chill tackles many topics throughout their songs, from dadaist satire of modern alternative rock to harsh reflections on society, to songs that are straight up for having fun. They take the audience on a musical journey through many emotions and senses with their unpredictable live show that keeps audiences coming back for more. The Maximum Chill invites you to cast away social norms and expectations and join them in letting your inner freak out without fear of judgment from others.

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Doors at 7 Showtime 8:30

Early bird tickets (March)- $8 Online Tickets (April-June)- $10 Door$15