Bobby Dove wsg Ray Harris

The Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street, Ottawa

Bobby Dove croons live audiences with original songs, while paying tribute to the golden age of traditional country music. Walking with the tall shadows of their musical heroes, the slight Dove conveys a big presence and voice, that enraptures the listener into their unique honky tonk world.


The Ray Harris Band A veteran of the Ottawa music scene, and host of CKCU's Friday Night Truck Stop", Ray Harris is a prolific and likeable singer/songwriter/storyteller who describes his music as “Ameri-Canadiana” - his songs have been described as finely crafted, drawing favourable comparison to master songsmiths. He wears his influences on his sleeve - incorporating strong elements of honkytonk country, rockabilly, folk and roots rock into a distinctly identifiable sound - his strong family ties to the Ottawa Valley are referenced in songs like Shawville Girl, Pontiac County Blues, and crowd favourite Big Old American Cars. Ray has released 3 fine albums over the last several years, album #4 and other projects are currently in the works.

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