Big Smoke Brass wsg Blank Notion + Hinterwood

The Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street, Ottawa/ Byward Market

Tickets for this show are no longer available online. Limited number at the door.

Big Smoke Brass Born on the streets of Toronto in 2017, Big Smoke Brass is a leading voice in the Canadian brass scene. Dedicated to fostering community and connecting people through their high-energy music, the band has given hundreds of performances, successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign, toured Eastern Canada, and released a variety of original music and videos. Wherever you may be, Big Smoke Brass is determined to share their love of music with you.

Blank Notion Blank Notion is an Ottawa born Alt-Rock band composed of singer/bassist Michael Darling, guitarist Sean Cullum and drummer Aidan Hardy. Blank Notion is an Ottawa-centre born alt-rock trio formed in the spring of 2017. Evolving the sound of Ottawa rock, Blank Notion brings a killer original set filled with elements of funk, hard rock and ska.

Hinterwood Indie Rock band from Kinsgton, Ont.