The High Loves (TO) + The New Hires (Ott) + Lucky Honey

Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street/ Byward Market, Ottawa, Ont.

This will be a throw down for sure! Get your tickets early!!!

The High Loves

The High Loves are a pop-rock band from Canada's creative capital, Toronto. Formed in 2018, the five-piece group is composed of lead singer and guitarist Noah Monckton, lead guitarist Marko Stojanovic, keyboardist Jeremy Ugro, and drummer Jaden Spanier.

Their music is the sonic equivalent of waking up in a good mood - a tight blend of danceable hooks, soaring vocals, guitar that heals as it squeals and 80s-authentic synth, knotted together in an addictive, unstoppable march. These are songs for every summer: for belting on road trips, for singing into a shower head, and for playing loud, when you just need to feel good. Watch: Watch:

The New Hires

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The New Hires are a dynamic indie rock band that formed amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Founded from the depths of Kijiji, this spirited group has quickly risen to prominence in the Ottawa music scene, captivating audiences with their catchy hooks and energetic performances.

In early 2022, The New Hires stepped onto the local music scene with the release of their debut single, 'Save First & Foremost.' As of August 2023, the 5-piece has sold-out some of Ottawa’s most respected venues, opened for Juno award-winning Dear Rouge at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival and garnered recognition as one of the top 100 contenders in the CBC Searchlight Annual Talent Search. These achievements are a testament to the band's growing impact and the admiration they have earned from both fans and industry peers alike.

Dressed for success in dapper outfits, The New Hires are a musical force to be reckoned with. As they continue to evolve and expand their artistic vision, The New Hires' journey promises to be an exhilarating ride that’s sure to leave an impression. Watch:

Lucky Honey ucky Honey was formed during a lunar eclipse when four musicians stumbled upon a mystic jukebox in the heart of a haunted carnival. Their instruments became infused with the spirits of rock 'n' roll legends, making their path clear: grow various facial hair styles and play synthesizer-driven rock ‘n’ roll tunes until the very end of time.

The quartet's sound, influenced as much by 80’s synth-pop as 2000’s alt-rock, promises a blend of driving rhythms, unforgettable hooks, and three-part harmonies that will send shockwaves through every audience.

Selling-out their January debut performance at Mills Hardware in Hamilton has the band eagerly waiting for Festival Season 2024.

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