Aurora's Reef + The Get Alongs + Melinda's Daughter

Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street/ Byward Market, Ottawa, Ont.

Aurora's Reef

Aurora’s Reef is a dynamic five-piece reggae-fusion ensemble rooted in the heart of Canada’s capital region. They are currently in the midst of crafting their eagerly anticipated debut album, planning a summer tour across Southern Ontario, and establishing themselves in the local music community. Boasting a diverse repertoire, the band seamlessly weaves between original songs and covers, spanning sounds from Sublime to Black Sabbath.


The Get Alongs The Get Alongs are a Toronto based band formed in 2017 by childhood friends Tristan, Eric, and brothers Harrison and Rory. They have released two EPs, ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Tossing Stones,’ along with their debut album ‘Weather Permitting,’ featuring 10 diverse and dynamic songs.

About: https://cmw.net/festival/artists/the-getalongs/#:~:text=The%20Get%20Alongs%20are%20a,10%20diverse%20and%20dynamic%20songs

Follow: https://www.instagram.com/thegetalongss/

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/@theget-alongs750

Melinda's Daughter

Melinda's Daughter is an Ottawa based duo made up of vocalist Jason Daniels and multi-instrumentalist producer Xavier Magloire. They blend elements of neo-soul, pop and rnb with rich detailed storytelling. Their sound ranges from earthy to synthetic, but always has a plethora of soul sprinkled in.


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