The Vaniers + Baby Rich + The Rambles

Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street/ Byward Market, Ottawa, Ont.

Keegan Powell! The origins of Powell's new album FEAR BE GONE came from the marriage of two unlikely, yet related places which inspired Powell to approach songwriting from a new perspective. The marrying of the literary and the lyrical derived from a book he started writing called Scatterings; part allegorical, one part poetry, one part short stories. As the poetic parts of the book started to form, Keegan realized the poems could potentially build some of the narrative for an album he was writing serendipitously.

“Thematically, FEAR BE GONE was a personal ideal created to aspire to. A version of one’s self that would maneuver through the world incredibly freely, without hesitation or doubt. I wanted to idealize a state in which someone could see a world like that through their own eyes. The album is a journey through that process,” Keegan shares. The result is a fidelity that was in mind from the beginning— an MTV Unplugged, acoustic, punk rock sound. I didn’t want to hyper-idealize, at least I attempted not to… I wanted the music to display itself in a way that couldn’t be confused. I wanted the words to jump out of the music in a way it hadn’t before.” shares Keegan. The release arrives almost one year after its predecessor Previous Pain, which charted on the NACC alongside artists such as Kevin Morby and Sharon Van Etten, in addition to multiple rotations on SiriusXM radio. Powell is also known for his work in Darling Congress, Chastity, and Teenage Kicks.

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The Vaniers The Vaniers [van-ee-ays] are a Toronto-based rock trio formed in 2016 by former high school classmates Diego Paz (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Alex Iacobellis (Guitar) and Nick Donato (Drums). With their indie-alternative rock sound, The Vaniers have become a staple in the Toronto music scene with a reputation for high-octane shows and catchy tunes. In their formative years, the boys released a slew of singles and an EP leading up to their debut LP 'All Together Now!' released in 2022. They're new single "Charlie" is out March 22, 2024.

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Tickets are $20 online, $25 at the door.

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