Laughing (Mtl) + Heaven For Real (TO) + Obliterator (Ott).

Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street/ Byward Market, Ottawa, Ontario


What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Laughing are Montreal-based rock n' rollers who take cues from some of the greatest pop songwriters of the past five decades. Four unique voices from across the Canadian expanse. Cross-stitched material and temporary ego sublimation serve them well in their pursuit of the holy grail: a perfect song. Their debut album Because It's True is an honest attempt at inviting you in on the cosmic joke. Heap your praise, adulation, scoff, or scorn upon them; they'll still be Laughing.

Heaven For Real:

Heaven For Real is the Toronto by-way-of Halifax project formed around twin songwriters Mark and J. Scott Grundy; showcasing their truly unique catch and release writing style. Often simply described as art rock and naturally unravelling into internal pools of psych, jazz, ambient and Britpop, their latest LP Energy Bar (Mint Records) manifests as a hyper, trash-compacted mosaic that’s simultaneously dreamlike and alive.

“As with any band worth listening to, the magic is in the songwriting, and the Grundys have a talent for hooks, plus they seem to actually like music.” - Mariana Timony, Bandcamp (Best Albums of Summer 2022)

“[Heaven For Real] exude a kind of slacker-twee energy that is nearly impossible to characterize. Their songs are an unpredictable mix of danceable, shambolic earworms that remind me of 60s garage nuggets or New Zealand rockers the Clean or even Rivers Cuomo if he ate a ton of mushrooms.” - Matt Watton, Post-Trash

Obliterator (waiting on confirmation)